Proposed Memorials

The Completed Projects 2017-2018

1. Steilacoom-3 sites:
Steilacoom Historical Museum Association-Voyage of Discovery
Pioneer Park- Historic Waters
Saltars Point Park- Crossroads of Discovery

2.. Vancouver Notch: Washington State Committee on Geographic Names Approved Proposal on October 23, 2015
On 1 December 2015, The Washington State Department of Natural Resources Board approved Vancouver Notch as an official name. The US Board on Geographic Names denied my Proposal based on new coordinates which put the feature in a Wilderness Area. January 3, 2017, the WA Board rescinded its approval to denial status.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Washington State Commission on Geographic Naming

The Washington State Committee on Geographic Names--DNR accepted my proposal for consideration to officially name Vancouver Notch. Between now and the next meeting in October 2015 the merits of my proposal will be researched and comments will be solicited from local historical societies/museums, county governments, state and federal land management and interested individuals and groups. At that time the proposal will be approved, denied or deferred. The approved proposal then will go forward to the WA State Board. All approved names will go to United States Board for Federal Consideration. The name will appear on all WA and US Maps. This process may take a year or more, but who is in a hurry. It has been 223 years since Captain Vancouver noted this Gap or Pass in his journal. It is such an integral part of our waterfront landscape it needs to have an official name. He named over 30 sites in WA and this formation should be named for him, as he was the first to describe it. This is really exciting historically as it opens a new chapter in The Voyage of Discovery and shines a new light on the ever changing Tacoma Waterfront.
photo by b.reid

If you would like to support my proposal, you may send an email noting subject as: Vancouver Notch to Caleb is Executive Secretary, Washington Committee on Geographic Names, WA State Department of Natural Resources(DNR)
One or 2 sentences is fine. Please use Barbara Reid as my name. Place your name, title, phone number at the end of the comment. These will be placed in my proposal and will be available online and will be a part of the public record.

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