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1. Steilacoom-3 sites:
Steilacoom Historical Museum Association-Voyage of Discovery
Pioneer Park- Historic Waters
Saltars Point Park- Crossroads of Discovery

2.. Vancouver Notch: Washington State Committee on Geographic Names Approved Proposal on October 23, 2015
On 1 December 2015, The Washington State Department of Natural Resources Board approved Vancouver Notch as an official name. The US Board on Geographic Names denied my Proposal based on new coordinates which put the feature in a Wilderness Area. January 3, 2017, the WA Board rescinded its approval to denial status.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Peter Puget's Route in the South Sound.

Lt. Peter Puget’s Exploration of the Southern Waters
Taking the Continental Shoreline to Starboard
20-27 May 1792

1.  20 May- Depart at 0400 hrs in 2 launches from
the HMS Discovery from Blake Island
2.  Breakfast at Olalla
3.  Await tide change at Pt. Fosdick
and proceed to Indian Cove- Wollochet Bay
4.  Make camp at Shaw’s Cove. Days run 16nm

5.  21 May- Breakfast at Crow-Cutts Is.
6.  Alarm Cove- Hostile Indians
7.  Pitt Passage camp- Day’s run 20nm

8.  22 May- Alter course to eastern shore
 Long-Ketron Is, disobeying Captain Vancouver’s orders.
9.  Storm makes them find shelter in Oro Bay,
Anderson Is. Day’s run- 9nm

10. 23 May- Depart and make way to Nisqually Reach,
then head north to Case Inlet.
11. Storm forces early camp on Wednesday- Herron Is.
 Day’s run 15nm

12. 24 May- Continue to explore Case Inlet
 and Pickering Passage and make camp on continental
 shore at 1800 hrs.Day’s run 16nm

13. 25 May- Explore Totten Inlet
14. Make night camp at Hunter Point. Day’s run  14nm

15. 26 May- Begin exploring Eld Inlet and finds
the friendliest Indians in a village south of Flapjack Point.
16. Enter Budd inlet and Puget is convinced all
southern waters end in mud flats and there is no
Northwest Passage. He stops long enough for Whidbey
to take his famous noon sight of 47 degrees, 03 minutes N.
and sets the masts/sails and with the southerly wind and
ebbing tide he sails non stop through the night,
missing Captain Vancouver on Long-Ketron Is.

17. 27 May- He arrives at Blake Island anchorage to find the HMS Discovery
missing. He fires a canon and the ship’s watch returns a volley of fire.
0200 hrs Lt Puget’s party returns to the HMS Discovery which is
anchored off Restoration Point.
Day’s run 64nm, Total nm- 162.

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