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2.. Vancouver Notch: Washington State Committee on Geographic Names Approved Proposal on October 23, 2015
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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Anderson Island and Richard Blumenthal

28 September 2013

Days of relentless storms marched across the southern waters of Puget Sound. I sat in my car waiting for the Anderson Island Ferry to load. As I looked out through the torrents of rain and pea soup fog I could not see beyond the Ferry Terminal at Steilacoom, WA. Hidden from my eyes was my destination for the afternoon, Anderson Island. Nothing was going to stop this ferry ride for me. I was about to meet Richard Blumenthal, my mentor, the man who infused my spirit to follow my dream of replicating Lt. Peter Puget's Exploration of the Southern Arm of these waters we know as Puget Sound. He was speaking to the Anderson Island Historical Society and Dave Jacobsen, President had invited me. Dave is also on the Anderson Island Parks Commission. Our journey together began in May 2013, when he invited me to see the new beginning of Jacob's Point Park which overlooks Oro Bay. Oro Bay is where Puget and his party took refuge from a storm on 22 May, 1792. A storm similar to my storm today.

My journey with Richard(Dick) began in February 2012, when learning that all the authors of my reference books were deceased, I took a chance and called a number and a live person responded, and yes, he was the author of my favorite reference book, With Vancouver in Inland Washington Waters. We spoke for an exciting hour. I had a million questions and he had a million answers. He confirmed that Puget took Blake Island to port, but the starting point(anchorage) was illusive, but somewhere between Blake Island and Restoration Point on Bainbridge Island. He had replicated the route in his own boat.

Since that time I have emailed him on a regular basis, but I had never received any replies. He is a busy author and compiling another book, Maritime Place Names- Inland Washington Waters. Today, I would meet him and hear him speak on his newly published book.

Left-Dave Jacobsen; Right- Richard Blumenthal

The islanders put on a wonderful pot luck dinner and Dick spoke for an hour on the various Anderson Island names and Puget's route into Oro Bay. I discovered my email address was incorrect, and he never received my emails.  He is such a knowledgeable and fun man to speak with. Our circle of friends is growing and more and more people are getting excited about Blumenthal's books, Jacob's Point and the Puget Memorial Project, which now includes Anderson Island residents.
Andreas Anderson, Dave and myself
enjoy the friendly islander hospitality

Dave told me he is traveling this week to the Big Island of Hawaii and will be replicating Archibal Menzies' route to ascend the slopes to the summit of Mauna Loa. Oh my gosh! This will be exciting to hear about.

Please go to this link to see all the books Richard Blumenthal has written. Inland Waters Publishing, buy some for Christmas presents, birthdays or whatever. This was wonderful to be on Anderson Island again, and absolutely fabulous to meet Richard Blumenthal and to hear him speak about Puget Sound. A love we all have in common. My circle of friends has just gotten more spectacular. Thank you Dick, Dave, and the Members of the Anderson Island Historical Society.

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