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1. Steilacoom-3 sites:
Steilacoom Historical Museum Association-Voyage of Discovery
Pioneer Park- Historic Waters
Saltars Point Park- Crossroads of Discovery

2.. Vancouver Notch: Washington State Committee on Geographic Names Approved Proposal on October 23, 2015
On 1 December 2015, The Washington State Department of Natural Resources Board approved Vancouver Notch as an official name. The US Board on Geographic Names denied my Proposal based on new coordinates which put the feature in a Wilderness Area. January 3, 2017, the WA Board rescinded its approval to denial status.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Anderson Island

26 October 2013

The Anderson Island Historical Society invited Barbara Reid to give a presentation at their monthly pot luck dinner and talk. Dave Jacobsen, President and numerous members made certain flyers were sent out to island residents/clubs, all the AV setup worked, the food was delicious and there was a big turnout for a small island.  They were interested in hearing my personal replication of Puget's route into the southern waters in May of 1792.
Anderson Island Community Center

Special Guests were Deb Wallace and her husband, John. Deb is the Administrator for Pierce County Ferries and Airports and is interested in our Puget Project. She had attended my talk to the Gig Harbor Rotary. Her department is working on having historians speak about the local area on special Ferry Routes that are being created in the south sound.. I am looking forward to meeting with Deb for future collaboration.

I continue to be so impressed with the Anderson Island community and what they are doing for their island.
Their own project with creating Jacob's Park is continuing to develop and a composting toilet has been placed, a walkway down to the beach is being constructed, giving kayakers access to the point, park and facilities.

For me personally, this was my best talk of the year. I continue to be at more ease with my audience, I am having more fun, and am learning more about how interested people are in this topic. I feel I am making a big soup for Puget Sound and as time passes, the soup is simmering more and more and getting better and better. There are more friends to meet, more talks to give, more ideas to sort through and more fun to be had.
PS... Yes, I wore my Puget outfit, but I am back in my winter uniform as fall in in the air and the leaves are turning red/gold and the pumpkins are ripe for Halloween.

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