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1. Steilacoom-3 sites:
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Saltars Point Park- Crossroads of Discovery

2.. Vancouver Notch: Washington State Committee on Geographic Names Approved Proposal on October 23, 2015
On 1 December 2015, The Washington State Department of Natural Resources Board approved Vancouver Notch as an official name. The US Board on Geographic Names denied my Proposal based on new coordinates which put the feature in a Wilderness Area. January 3, 2017, the WA Board rescinded its approval to denial status.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Kopachuck and Cutts Island State Park Re-Visited

9 October 2013
I met again with Park Ranger Dennis Mills at Kopachuck to review possible sites for future signage for the Puget Memorial Project. Dennis drove me down on the park road to view several sites. The last two seemed the best and the last one was my favorite, as it has a clear view of Cutts Island and is near the waters edge at high tide.
Ranger Mills pointing to Cutts Island

He brought me up to date with next years signage for Cutts Island.  They are adding another post to the existing signage post. They will be 5 feet apart and will house a  metal  Cutts Island Sign, a Wa State Park sign and  smaller signs for no fires,etc. There would be room to put an 18x24 inch sign for Puget. Having a metal sign might work for Cutts.

Current sign post

This would be removed

not all signs will be 18x24
This is not the parks' plan, but my drawing for me to think about.

This certainly got me thinking that a cheaper, smaller Cutts Island sign might be a possibility. Even adding one on Kopachuck would work. Dennis showed me current Kopachuck signs that are 18x24 inches:
The green sign is 18x24 in.

This is 18x24 in

I departed with a fresher sense of new possibilities. This might be a more practical approach and one in which we could dove-tail with the park on something that could happen faster than at Blake Island. I also like that Kopachuck has a virtual Geo-Cache program for the park and perhaps this could be incorporated into our signage, as well. Thank you, Dennis for your time, thoughts, vision and your support for the Puget Memorial Project.

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